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Meet the Class of 2020 – Anita Roy

I am Anita Roy, an international student from India and I graduate this week!

I wait with a mixed bag of emotions to bid farewell to my postgraduate student life at Newcastle University’s Business School. Such is my great pride to have completed my MSc Global Human Resource Management, equivalent to a CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) level 7 qualification; or my brimming excitement to graduate from a top-ranked Russel Group institution; and the fascination of forever having my name etched onto the prestigious ‘NCL alumni’ university nameplate.

At the same time, the sadness in having to bid farewell to my friends and my precious lecturers; the anxiety to learn what the corporate world has in store for me also weigh in. But above all, I am confident and elated that my post-graduation, and ensuing learning and experience renders me competent to go above and beyond in my professional career.  

If you are a prospective postgraduate student, and are exploring the many options you have, let me assure you that the Newcastle student experience is everything and more, the aspiring professionals/Master’s students can dream of!

My one-year MSc program has equipped me with all the critical skills, knowledge and expertise prospective employers look for. Above all, the vibrant and rich multi-cultural exposure I gained during my time here in the Business School helps me step out with a changed mindset and ability to analyse any situation from all possible perspectives!

Call it the icing on the cake, Newcastle is an out-and-out global city! A walk along Quayside, along the River Tyne, overlooking the landmark Gateshead Millennium Bridge, is sure to leave you in awe of not only the majestically beautiful scenery but also by how people from all over the world get together to celebrate the multi-cultural spirit of the city.

Quayside is lined with the finest and most lively eateries, pubs and restaurants serving cuisines from all over the world. And, my most favourite memory of Newcastle is the delightful time I spent with my classmates at Quayside, hopping from one international restaurant to another, trying out different cuisines and learning a little something about the unique cultural heritage, language and values of each of those countries.

But if you were to ask me what my absolute favourite thing about Newcastle is, without batting an eyelid I can tell you it is the people of Newcastle who make the city what it is! Friendly, warm, accommodating, approachable and whole lot of fun! For an international student like myself, settling in here was a piece of cake. People here are always willing to lend you a helping hand or give you valuable guidance on anything.

I still remember this one instance on a stagecoach bus, when I was ready to board the bus to see my friend who was at her parents and I realised that I had left my wallet behind at my apartment. Overhearing my conversation with the bus driver, this sweet lady with the brightest smile, walked up to me, and said she was just getting off and handed me her day-rider pass! Never had I experienced such a kind and endearing act all my life.

Now to tell you a little something about my program; my MSc in GHRM has instilled the confidence in me to chase all those exciting career opportunities in the global market and to excel at what I dream to do! But the standout feature of my program is, hands down, my friendly and remarkably kind lecturers!

They all are subject matter experts, and of course incredibly resourceful. Their tips and guidance helped me cope with the increased stress at the Master’s level and get the grades. I had the freedom to reach out to them with both my academic and personal problems. They were always an email or a phone call away!

COVID-19 presented us all with some unusual challenges this year, especially during our third semester, where we were supposed to undertake our research for the dissertation, and adapt our data collection and analysis strategies, to work creatively using online platforms and other virtual tools to collaborate with the client.

Nevertheless, with my dissertation supervisor’s unwavering guidance, dedicated support and endearing encouragement, I was able to successfully complete my research. My supervisor really was a friend, guide and mentor throughout the course of the dissertation.

Now looking back, I wonder to myself if there’s anything I would have done differently? And I am convinced that, the third research semester would have been much less stressful, had I familiarised myself with business research methodology and research methods early on in the first semester.

I would have gotten a head start and could then devote more time towards writing up my findings and subsequent recommendations to the client. So, a top tip to those of you who have just started and maybe are a little weary of doing your dissertation is to try and do a little bit of extra reading to understand the suitability and practical implications of choosing between a quantitative and qualitative research strategy. Also, narrowing down a subject area or a topic that interests you right at the beginning will enable you to deliver quality and timely work!

I must also make a mention of how my program in line with Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines of CIPD has helped me chart out my short-medium-long term goals. In the immediate future, I aim to be employed with a global organization in the professional services sector in the U.K. I dream of a career with one of the big 4 accounting firms in the world.

An opportunity to work with one of these companies will definitely open up endless possibilities for continuous professional growth, expanding geographic opportunities and building professional networks. To fulfil my long-term ambition of progressing to take up Human Resource Business Partner (HRBP) roles, gaining international exposure is vital.

Therefore, I am eager to take up international secondment opportunities in the next 3-5 years, as well as actively seek opportunities to work with major stakeholders across various service lines of the company, to understand the business model of the organisation: strategy, operations, people, and stakeholders.

Also I shall look for opportunities in other sectors like banking, media, technology and innovation to become a fully rounded HR professional!

In a nutshell, I loved each and every minute of being a postgraduate student at the Business School and I will forever cherish the memories I have made for myself over the past year!


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