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Since I was last at university doing my undergraduate studies in Business Administration, I always believed that when I decided to do my Master’s study, this would be overseas.

Last year, after working for more than ten years, I decided to start my research process looking at the best options for my Master’s degree.

However, after looking at some universities in Australia and Canada which were my first country options, the world began to change due to the pandemic. 2020 I believe was a challenging year for most people. In my case, the decision to postpone my studies was a new opportunity to start looking for more options, and in that moment, I began to think about British education.

Deciding to study a MBA degree in the UK

When I started researching UK universities and Master’s courses in Project Management or Public Administration, a conversation with one of my closest friends changed my approach. This discussion focused on my working experience. He said to me: ‘Diego, you have a vast range of experience, and this can be valuable in different industries. An MBA will be more suitable for you’. With some uncertainty, I decided to start looking for information about MBA programmes in the UK.

Everybody knows about the quality of British education and how well universities are ranked. I did my own research and found this to be true, for example I checked MBA rankings in publications such as The Economist.

However, my final decision was mainly focused on the academic content and how all the tools acquired can be applied in real working situations. Because, after finishing the MBA, as a graduate you have to face the real corporate world, and be able to put your academic experience and values into practice, no matter if you work for a company or want to be an entrepreneur.

Selecting a Russell Group University

When finally, I decided to do an MBA, I looked at the vast amount of information on the internet and I found the web page of the Russell Group. If you don’t know what the Russell Group is, this is a group of the top 24 research-intensive universities in the UK which have reputations for providing the highest level in terms of education.

I remember that I chose five Russell Group universities, and in this list was Newcastle University. I started looking at all the MBA prospectuses, comparing the academic content and reading carefully to check which offered the essential tools I needed after finishing my studies.

After reading all the MBA content of my top five choices, I decided to apply to three universities. Newcastle was my final option because I believe all the modules are focused not only on academic theory, but also give us essential tools for our future career and help us to develop in different ways.

Why an MBA is an investment for your life

We need to understand that an MBA is more than becoming a CEO or improving our professional performance. It’s important to realize that the MBA is a tool to help you become a genuine leader, helping society from different perspectives, recognizing the world is changing, and adapting to new situations even if they are bad. Being a leader is a big responsibility for our companies, society, and community. We need to be prepared to face these challenges, no matter when or where we are.

For this reason, I choose Newcastle Business School because they are preparing me for new challenges no matter what my position will be after finishing the program. They have given me the best tools to be a better human being and professional. I firmly believe the Newcastle MBA is preparing students not only to become CEOs and managers but is preparing MBA graduates to impact the world better and be part of the solution.

When I reflect back on 2020, when I was looking for information about MBA academic prospectuses, I think my decision to choose Newcastle Business School was the best. I am entirely sure that, when I finish my Master’s, I’ll be a proud graduate from one of the best UK universities with high education standards and values, and these will be part of the rest of my life. I want to be a leader, and this is a valuable quality the university is forming and improving within me.

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