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The opportunities available at the business school are endless and I was delighted when I found out about the financial trading training that would take place at the business school as this would let me live out my very own “Wolf Of Wall Street” experience. Following the invitation, I did my own research about Amplify and considering it is the 4th time it is being launched in the Business school, was promising enough to show that it would be an interesting event.

I was dreading walking into a lecture theatre at 9 a.m. the first week after exams as this was not how I envisioned how my summer would start. However, the lead lecturer – Dhinta Foster, was really welcoming and the truckload of information that was thrown at us was not just interesting, but also practical. We were talking about all the economic phenomena that were happening around the world. All three days started with the lectures on various topics, we started with the basics and then moved on to the fundamental market drivers, technical analysis, trading strategies etc., and then were followed by the simulations.

On the first day, we worked in pairs to execute our portfolio and manage risk during shifting economic and geo-political events. The second day we took on the roles of sales trader and market traders to understand the buy and sell side of investment banks. The final day, which was my favourite, we traded the market at live prices during the release of oil data that caused significant shocks in the market. My partner and I were doing really well until we made a loss at the time of the data release, but we did manage to be one of the top three teams that were made a profit at the end of the live simulation. It gave us a real insight into the trading world, and encouraged me to consider trading as a potential career in the future as well.Apart from all this, we were also given a career talk where she explained how recruiters look at applications and gave us tips for applying for jobs as well as the various careers that exist in the industry.

The event was insightful and eye opening – some students who had considered trading as a potential career realised that it was not for them, whereas others like myself saw a future in the industry after the simulations. You also receive a certificate at the end, which will enhance your CV! It was definitely worth the money and time, and I took away a lot from that short span of time.

By Hiba Naval

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