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Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship workshop with Make It Pop card game

An exciting lecture and game session

It’s always a great pleasure to have real-life experiences brought to the learning portfolio, and the Make It Pop Game workshop held last week was no exception.

The workshop had Ade-Lee Adebiyi, Co-founder and Creative Director of Make It Pop card game deliver an exciting lecture and game session to MSc Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship (ICE) students on the Innovation Consultancy Project module. This was facilitated by the module leader Dr Rebecca Casey.

Getting started

Starting off the session, Ade-Lee introduced the Make It Pop game – an innovative design thinking fun card game that yields ideation and grows creativity and creative-thinking skills as well as boosts creative confidence. He went further discussing different issues in Creativity and Innovation such as Impostor syndrome vs Dunning Kruger effect, Creative confidence and Design thinking.

The interactive lecture included conversations and debates about confidence vs ego using celebrity Kanye West as a case study. He also highlighted Creative Confidence in PR, using H&M’s strategies in managing the “coolest monkey in the jungle hoodie” controversy.

The games begin

Then the Make it Pop games began! Students were split into groups and given a red card (client card), black card (task card) and encouraged to follow stages in Design thinking process: Empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test, to solve a hypothetical external organisation’s innovation agenda.

At the ideation stage, they were given blank sheets, marker pens and coloured sticky dots to visually communicate their ideas and present to others. The card game enabled students to think outside the box while brainstorming and, you would be amazed at the great and impressive ideas they came up with!

It was a fun and exciting workshop that had everyone reaching for their inner creativity and maximising their design thinking. Christian, one of the students fondly referred to the Make it Pop game workshop as“an unusual but great learning experience”.


Evidently, the workshop not only helped students boost their creative confidence and develop their ideation and creative thinking skills, it also helped students develop practical skills in consulting practise such as diagnosis, solution development, reporting and teamwork. Module leader and organiser of the workshop Rebecca Casey stated

I would like to thank Ade-Lee for creating an exciting and fun learning environment for students to apply design thinking techniques and work collaboratively on unconventional problems, we look forward to working with Make it Pop again in the future“.

If you would like to find out more and buy the Make it Pop card game click here to visit their website.

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