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Sure you’ve been counting down to starting uni and its finally here, now you’re thinking about your induction week ; big move and “settling in”. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered… read on!

Before you get here;

  1. Pack your essentials; it’s so easy to remember your fave jeans and shoes, but don’t forget your toiletries, towels, bedding and some stationery. Your accommodation may not have these handy so having yours will help you settle in a lot better. Remember to pack your medication and repeat prescriptions if any.
  2. A little info search; check to see facilities near your accommodation like shops, cafes, pharmacies, etc., (a quick google search might suffice). Knowing what’s easily available helps you know what to expect in your new environment, saves you that extra run to the store and reduces your luggage.

When you get here;

  1. Get comfortable; make your new accommodation your home, the earlier you unpack and make your space suit you, the more settled in you become. You could place pictures of your family, friends or pets in your space, keep your toiletries at the right places and decorate your space how you like. You’ll feel less homesick and more relaxed.
  2.  Documentations and registration; get to it right away! Do all the necessary online and paper registration and documentation so you can get your smart card, student log in and university email address. This will ensure you have up to date information, discount codes and access to university facilities like libraries. Sign up on the Newcastle university student app for easy access to your timetables, uni map, etc. Also sign into your uni email on the Microsoft outlook app so you can get emails conveniently on your phone. You should also set up a bank account to help manage your finances.
  3. Meet the Geordies; the city will be yours for a while so you might as well learn more about it. Take a trip around town to places like theatre royal for concerts and shows, Jesmond Dene Park for a nice walk, or the quayside, perhaps on a Sunday to enjoy multicultural street food or antique buys at the Sunday-market. Also take a trip to the business school or your lecture halls, this way you will know your way around uni and your accommodation. Don’t be surprised if you hear phrases like “haddaway, man” or “gannin yem”, they’re just the Geordie’s way of saying “you’re joking” and “going home” respectively.
  4. Finally… enjoy your induction week! Attend as many events as possible (even the no-booze events lol) especially academic meetings/events. They’ll give you a chance to meet your course mates and lecturers/uni staff, make friends and get used to the environment. You can also get lots of freebies like coupons, tons of stationery, etc. But be careful not to over spend or get carried away partying, it’s only the beginning of the semester.

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