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Student Life

An Indonesian Student at Newcastle

Ever since I was a kid, I always dreamt of studying abroad for my university and thanks to my parents’ endless support, this dream is made possible. When choosing which university to attend, I stumbled upon Newcastle University Business School. Digging deeper about the courses they offer and asking my friend who used to pursuit her study here, I decided that this university seems to be the perfect place for me to pursue my undergraduate studies. My fondness towards the university is further shown when I decided to continue my Masters study here. During four years of my studies in Newcastle, I have created a great amount of unforgettable memories that are extremely difficult to choose and pen down a few. But, here you go, some of the best bits of my life in Newcastle:


Making friends

Meet Jeanine from Germany and Yessika from Indonesia


I was an eighteen-year-old when I first came to Newcastle, a city 7,298 miles away from my hometown, Jakarta. Culture shock was something that I was worried about, in which I believed that it would stop me from making friends.  However, once I arrived, I realised that I needed nothing to worry about. Everyone in this city is very friendly, welcoming, and open minded. Not to mention that Newcastle is a multicultural city with a large number of international students. During my studies here, I managed to meet people from different countries like Germany, China, and Ukraine, just to name a few. I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity to learn about the different cultures and also how this has widened my perspective about the world. Also, if you are into travelling (like me), having to know people from various countries could be handy. I mean, imagine having personal tour guides whenever you visit their countries 😉


Indonesian community


Despite already being here for four years, I still at times feel homesick. When people ask me what I miss the most about Indonesia, my answer is always

food. I realise that it is not just food that I miss, it is also the people. Thankfully, the Indonesian society in Newcastle University has helped me ease the yearning for my country. One of the highlights of my life in Newcastle has to go to my involvement in the annual activity held by the Indonesian Students Association Newcastle, Discover Indonesia last year. I was appointed as the Marketing Coordinator where I was responsible for the event promotional activities. As an Indonesian living abroad, I believe that it is my duty to introduce my nation’s diverse culture to the international audience. I felt happy not only because the event was run successfully (and of course because I could eat many of my local delicacies) but also because the event has managed to attract many international audiences, in which have learnt more about my country, Indonesia.




As mentioned earlier in the post, I pursued my undergraduate degree in Newcastle University. I have to admit that the final year of my undergraduate study was one of the most stressful times that I have ever had. Having to juggle between numerous assignments, exams, and my dissertation was extremely difficult. However, all the times I sacrificed and gone through paid off when I attended my graduation back in the summer and received a first class honours (I still cannot believe it either!). It was definitely one of the proudest moments I have experienced in my life. Trust me, if you ever feel like giving up now, just remember it is just a few more months to go before you can wear your gown to the congregation ceremony.

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