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Highlights of my Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc

Written by Antonio, Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc, class of 2020

Gaining specialist knowledge

After graduating from my Master’s degree, I would consider my main highlight to be the knowledge I have gained.

For example, I developed linear programming knowledge during the modules of supply chain modelling and international logistics which will have a major impact on my future roles.

Employers give a great deal of importance to this type of skillset, seeking cost and time reductions by optimizing networks and processes through linear programming.

Other important knowledge I acquired relates to six sigma methodology, lean manufacturing and statistical quality parameters which I consider to be interesting and very useful in the real world.

Developing a skillset

Besides the technical knowledge I gained during my Master’s programme, I applied and developed my soft and hard skills such as intercultural communication, leadership, teamwork, problem-solving and IT skills.

These skills evolved naturally due to the multiple assignments and activities in the modules that involve working effectively with team members with different personalities and nationalities and being able to reach the deadlines and meeting quality requirements.

Broadening my understanding of key topics

Before enrolling on this Master’s course, I gained some years of work experience that gave me a different perspective to the one I had when I first graduated. Now, having working with live clients and my fellow Master’s students, I have gained further vital experience that will help me progress my career. With the Master’s program, I have been able to broaden my understanding of key topics through activities, presentations, field trips and casual conversations.

Field trips

There were 2 field trips on this course. In the first Semester, we visited the Nissan assembly line in Sunderland – it was helpful to experience first-hand the actual processes on lean manufacturing and some other corporate practices that are covered in the modules.

In the second semester, there was going to be a field trip to Madrid, visiting a company that has different departments. Although this wasn’t possible in the end due to COVID-19, it would have been really interesting to get an understanding of different administrative departments within a big corporation, leading to different perspectives and knowledge.

Working as a Business Ambassador

The Business School hires a team of student Business Ambassadors at the start of the academic year, and I was happy to be selected. This role involves working throughout the year on a range of tasks such as sharing our experiences, answering questions that prospective students have, or helping with events that are designed for both current and prospective students. This role is super fun as it allows you to meet lots of people from different cultures, attend corporate events, get freebies and even get paid.

Going back to school

Last, but not least, I completely enjoyed “going back to school” a few years after graduating from my Bachelors. It was super fun and interesting to return to the academic world, but this time with a completely different perspective to the one I had in the Bachelors. I felt very motivated and focused on the topics that attracted me during my bachelors and also during my subsequent work experience, which boosted my understanding and appraisal of the topics. This led me to enjoy and to give 110% to self-study, tasks and exams!


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