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Highlights of my International Business Management MSc degree

Hey there! I’m Ben and recently completed my Masters in International Business Management (IBM).

Studying IBM here in Newcastle has been a great experience that has come with a wide range of opportunities for my own personal development. Here are some of the highlights of my time here:

Multicultural experience

One of the most standout features of the degree has been meeting individuals with a diverse range of cultural backgrounds. Studying international business has really been a unique multicultural experience.

Group projects have entailed working with students from North America, Europe and Asia. While I may have felt apprehensive at first, this has been a significantly rewarding experience as I believe it helps prepare me for working in multicultural environments in the future. As part of choosing a degree in a subject I hadn’t studied previously, I discovered various areas of particular interest and enjoyed modules such as Managing across Cultures, Marketing and Current Issues in International Business.

My favourite module

However, one module stands out: Data Analytics for Managers. This module has shed light on the field and helped me gain some understanding of how to use analytical platforms like Tableau and PowerBI. Sessions were delivered in practical workshops where we would work through a series of tasks using the previously mentioned analytical software. This change in teaching style was a welcome change from typical approaches such as lectures and seminars. The practical nature of the module has led me to consider data analytics as a potential career path.

Studying at the Business School

Studying at the Business School has been a highlight in itself. The building is modern and purpose built so there is plenty of room to study independently or do group work. There are also areas to relax between sessions. I often took advantage of The Hub (our common room) to catch up with others after lectures or seminars. The area around the Business School feels modern as well with the newly opened Newcastle Helix area (a technology and science business development) behind the Business School. Plus seeing St. James’ Park next door every day is a welcome sight for a Newcastle United fan.

Dissertation choice

While dissertations often act as one of the most tasking aspects of a degree, my dissertation module developed into a genuine highlight. As part of my degree, we got to choose between a research project and a consultancy project. The research dissertation is much like a regular dissertation where the student chooses their own topic with advice from their tutors.

On the other hand, a consultancy project involves helping to solve a real-life business issue that a company is currently dealing with. I chose the consultancy project as I believed it to be an exciting opportunity to gain some insights into business strategy and decision-making. The module did not disappoint as I researched the potential for a real-life company to expand into new international markets. While the piece was challenging, I got some real insight into modern business decision-making. Like some of my other highlights, I believe the experience will be vital in my future career.

Go for it!

While these are some of my personal highlights, there are lots more that can be enjoyed on the course including extra-curricular workshops and guest speakers. I would recommend any potential student to really try and put themselves out there and take every opportunity given to get the most out of your time at the Business School. I would definitely say the more you put in, the more you get out! Thanks for reading!


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