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Your Guide to Summer in Newcastle

Exams are finally over! No more revision, stress or breakdowns. But this begs the question… what on earth are you going to do with your time now?

Well, luckily for you, Newcastle is bursting with things to do this summer, so if you’re sticking around, take a look at some of the activities that you can take part in!


Robots – then and now @ Life Science Centre

26 May 2018 – 2 December 2018

I’m sure that by now you will have heard the university talking about the ‘Future of Work’ and robots, but what does all of this mean? The new robot exhibition at the Life Centre might be able to give you more of an idea! You’ll be able to see how robots have evolved over the last 500 years and how human-like robots will fit into society. You can even attend a debate on the rise of sex robots!

Robots at work… robots in your house… and robots in your bed? Creepy or cool? That’s for you to decide!


Great Exhibition of the North

22 June 2018 – 9 September 2018

The North East is great, but of course you already know this… you chose to come here for uni! The Great Exhibition of the North is the country’s biggest event, and this summer-long celebration will showcase amazing exhibits, live performances, and artwork – highlighting the innovation that has come from the North. What’s more… the exhibition is completely FREE!

The Hoppings Funfair

22 June 2018 – 30 June 2018

Waltzers, Helter Skelters and Dodgems. What does this mean? That’s right… the Hoppings is back in town! For those of you who don’t know, the Hoppings is the Europe’s largest travelling funfair! With a modern twist on a traditional Victorian funfair, the Hoppings will provide you with plenty of thrills. Make sure you check it out, as it’s only in Newcastle once a year!


Cyclone Festival of Cycling

28 June 2018 – 1 July 2018

Looking to keep fit this summer? The Cyclone Festival of cycling is just the way to do it, with great views of the countryside along the way. Whether you’re a competitive or non-competitive cyclist, or simply want to spectate… this is your opportunity to be amongst some of the best cyclists in the world!


Kynren – An Epic Tale of England

30 June 2018 – 15 September 2018

2000 years of history, myth and legend all in one night! Whether you’re local, or an international student, I’m sure there are things you don’t know about England’s past. So instead of reading about it in the library (you do enough of that already), why not watch the open air, live action extravaganza that is Kynren? Taking place in Bishop Auckland, it is just a train journey away from Central Station.

Newcastle Pride Parade

20 July 2018 – 22 July 2018

It’s summer, and that means festival season is upon us! But instead of throwing on those wellies, why not dress to impress in rainbow coloured outfits? Newcastle will see a number of big acts come together for one of the UK’s largest LGBT+ festivals! Pride is one of the best events of the year, so head on down for great music, fabulous entertainment, and to show your support for the LGBT+ community!


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