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Every year the Finance Society organises a trip to visit various financial organisations in London. Keep reading to find out what we got up to.

Our journey started off bright and early here in the Toon. During the ride, our train encountered a train delay due to what appeared to be a broken rail track along the way. Once in arrived in London we headed to our first company insight tour at Norton Rose. We were spoilt for choice with a lunch spread and enjoyed every minute of the networking session with the managers and the current graduate staff at Norton Rose. We got a chance to get to know the team at Norton Rose on a more personal and informal manner and had a pleasant Q&A with the team as well which was always so meaningful for the unforgettable experience the society had.

Our next company on the list was Etoro, a recent startup trading company focusing heavily on cryptocurrency, the blockchain technologies with the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum. We were greeted at their head office on Canary Wharf and had a deep discussion on the future of cryptocurrency and its potential impacts it will have on the world as the story of blockchain technologies unfold day after day.

After visiting both companies, Norton Rose and Etoro, evening soon approached the beautiful skyline of London, and so did our hunger for dinner! We thoroughly enjoyed the informative sessions from both companies and it was time to relax and unwind for the day’s travel. We set off back to our hostel – Generator and set off for a team dinner at a fans favourite – Nando’s! Dinner was amazing, but more importantly it was the friendship and ever-lasting bonds that were made during dinner that made the night even more memorable.


Day 2:

Amplified Trading was the agenda for the day! We had the opportunity to trade active portfolios as if we were the actual fund managers of the company investing for future of the company. The software we used were extremely high-tech and all of us had such an enjoyable time, having the hands-on trading experience trading on the European markets and reacting to the live news that had occurred in real time. It was a complete thrill. Adjusting our investing strategies to the news updates to ensure the most viable investments were made for the company moving forward was a useful skill to have and an amazing experience to share with our future recruiters and employers in the future! The Finance trip has stretched our minds on real-time investing and opened our doors to new experiences in the financial world.

Sadly, all good things eventually came to an end. We enjoyed every second of the Finance Trip and we look forward to hosting it again next year!

As always, we’d love for you all to experience this unforgettable trip as well in the next academic year.



Newcastle University Finance Society

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