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While living abroad there are some things that you cannot help but miss from home.

One of which is food, some specific products that do not exist elsewhere. For example, if you would go to Estonia, you would notice that instead of white bread, people are eating black bread made of rye flour. Estonians adore the black bread and do not have a day without eating it. Many people bake the bread at home and it has become quite a trend to do it. Unfortunately, it is over the limit of my cooking skills, so I had to find something else to compensate my longing for the “taste of Estonia”. Instead, I will introduce you to another best friend of many Estonians – the Colorful Dog.

Do not worry, it is actually not a dog, instead it is a delicious dessert which is super easy to make. I made it to my British friends and everybody loved it, so I can assure you – the Colorful Dog is a friendly one and you will love it as much as Estonians do.


400 g of biscuits
300 g of dried fruits (cherries, plums, raisins etc.)
4 tbsp of cocoa powder
180 g of butter
200 g of condensed milk
The secret ingredient (optional):
Amaretto / cognac (or both!?)


Crush the biscuits,


Add melted butter,


condensed milk,


cocoa powder,
dried fruits and
a hint or Amaretto or cognac.
Mix everything.

Taste once more.
(Add more Amaretto or cognac.)
Usually I repeat the last three steps for couple of times until I’m convinced the taste is perfect. 😉
Put the mix on the silver foil and roll it to a sausage (or in this case dachshund).

P3110650 P3110655

Put it in the fridge for over the night.
Cut into slices and enjoy!

NB! Keep it in the fridge, it tastes better!
And congratulations, you have made a new friend from Estonia!


Did you know that The Colourful Dog is ‘Kirju koer in Estonian! 

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