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Keep calm no matter what your result is

If your first semester went well, then congratulations! It is a reflection of your hard work and effort and you fully deserved it. So reward yourself! However, you cannot get too comfortable because semester 2 always tends to require more effort compared to the first semester. That means that if you want to perform just as well or even better in your second semester, you must be prepared to work much harder.

On the other hand, if your grade isn’t as good as you expected, there is no need to feel down. You can always work twice as hard and pull up your grade by doing very well on your second semester. Most of the modules have a lower weight for semester 1 assignments and exams and they tend to put more weight on semester 2 exams. Therefore, you need to take the second semester very seriously. As long as you know where you have gone wrong, you can always work around it and find your way back.

Responding to Feedback

One of the most valuable things you will receive with your grade is the feedback. This is the single most important thing that will help you to understand where you went wrong so make sure you make full use of it. Go through the feedback given to you by your lecturers. Some students tend to overlook or ignore the feedback if they do very well, but if you look at the feedback, you have a chance of scoring even better in your next assignment! If there’s anything you don’t understand, you can always speak to your lecturer. Remember, the mark you receive is moderated by various lecturers, so it is a very honest evaluation of your skills. Thus, it is important that you understand and do everything to avoid the same mistakes a second time.

Making use of University resources

If you still have queries after speaking to your lecturer or feel uncomfortable to discuss something with them, you can always go to your personal tutor. Your personal tutor is there to help you in confidence, and you can discuss any problems you are having with them so don’t feel shy to speak! He or she won’t judge you but will do their best in helping you to improve and understand your shortcomings.

If you require further help, you can always go to the Learning Resource Centre, Writing Development Centre or Student Advice Centre.

There are loads of opportunities provided to help you; so make full use of them.

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