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Day Out in Newcastle: Victoria Tunnel

Are you looking for things to do during a weekend or on a free day from uni and you are running out of ideas? Well, then I have a tip for you: visit th

e Victoria Tunnel!


I always look forward to exploring new ways and discovering new places and Victoria Tunnel was definitely one of them!

The tour starts at the meeting point at 55 Lime Street in Ouseburn. You meet your guides here and they then take you through the Ouseburn Valley all the way to the Tunnel entrance while making couple stops to tell you about the history of the Valley. It is a pretty walk by the water.

When you arrive at the Tunnel entrance the guides give you the helmets and then you wait for the siren to start – the sign for potential risk of bombing and therefore reason to hide in the Tunnel during WWII.


The tour continues through the Tunnel with couple stops. During these stops, the guides tell you about the history of the Tunnel and the way it was built which is very interesting!


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Overall, the tour was great and the tour guides were even better (Donald and Irvin – excuse my spelling if it is not correct)! It was super interesting to hear about the history, the use of the tunnel and how the tunnel was built – so many interesting facts! 🙂


So, if you enjoy exploring and if you are looking for some new thing to do in Newcastle, then visiting the Victoria Tunnel would be the right choice for you! I will also be more than happy to hear about your experience if you decide to visit the Victoria Tunnel, so do not hesitate to drop the comment below. 🙂











Side notes:

  • If you tend to be claustrophobic, then the tunnel is probably not a good choice for you since it is quite narrow and not as high at certain spots.
  • The ticket costs £6 and you need to get it prior your visit on this website:

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