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Student Life

Day in the Life of a University Student

Hi! My name is Jake, and I am a Stage 1 Business Accounting and Finance student here at Newcastle University Business School. In this blog, I’m going to take you through a typical Monday for me including lectures, seminars, and my extracurricular activities.


My first lecture on Monday mornings starts at 10.30am. So, I will wake up at around 9am to get breakfast, shower and pack my bag with my laptop, any notes I need for today’s class and get ready to walk to campus at 10am.

My first lecture of the day is the Financial Accounting lecture, which takes place in the main lecture theatre in the Frederick Douglass Centre (FDC) in Newcastle Helix. In preparation for this class, I will download the lecture notes the night before, having a read through the slides to have a basic understanding before the lecture takes place.

Typically, Monday mornings will either start with a Financial Accounting lecture or seminar, this week it was a lecture, which tends to be less interactive with the lecturer, as the main focus is on learning new content. However, the lecturers will always wait behind to answer any questions students may have.

This lecture only lasts an hour, so is finished by 11.30am. At this point, I would walk back home to prepare some food and get ready for my next lecture later in the afternoon.


I’ll get back home at around 12pm, so this gives me an hour to prepare some food and eat in preparation for my upcoming lectures.

This time, I bring some snacks with me for during our breaks in the lecture.

Once again, it’s time to head back to the FDC for another accounting lecture, this time it is Management Accounting. These lectures are two hours long so there is definitely more content to be covered, so I will make sure to have done any required reading from our textbooks the night before.

Like Financial Accounting, some weeks we will have a scheduled seminar for this module on a Monday, however it was a lecture once again.

After this lecture is completed, there is only an hour’s wait until my final lecture of the day which is Economics. Therefore, during this time I’ll find a space to study on one of the upper floors of the FDC. Here I will either do preparatory work for tomorrow’s lectures or else recap on the information from today’s lectures. To do this, I normally make brief summary notes, or else make online flashcards for revision.

At 4.30pm, it’s time for my final lecture of the day. Our Economics lecture is only an hour long, so this is a nice way to end the day. Once the lecture is finished, I head back home to make some food and finish off the day with some studying and some time for myself.


Upon returning home, I’ll cook some dinner. I try to do all my own cooking to help save money as a student. One way which helps this is through meal prep. Which I normally do after a weekly food shop.

After eating, typically I will get ready to head to the gym. Going to the gym is a way of relaxing for me, as I can take my mind off studying and have some time to myself which is important to have something to look forward to and break up your days.

I make sure to have a bit of time every evening to prioritise myself, whether that is going to the gym or getting to see my friends. These activities are important to me personally to help balance my social life with my studies.

Most Mondays, I normally meet up with some of my friends at the university sports centre to play some squash. Doing this is a perfect way to balance my social life with my coursemates and also keep fit while having fun and developing new skills!

Once I am home, I will get showered and finish my evening with some prep work for tomorrow. Tuesdays for me are typically a quiet day, with only two lectures. So for these classes, I will complete any required reading, which may be assigned to us and have a quick look at the content we will cover in the upcoming lecture.

Finally, at around 11pm I’ll put the books away, relax and head to sleep. I’ll put on some Netflix and head to sleep so I’m well-rested for tomorrow.

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