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It was more than 3 years ago when I first peeped out of the window from the police registration hall in Newcastle airport where my life in Newcastle officially began– it wasn’t the best day of the year in the North East, but I still remember very clearly the excitement upon seeing the stunning clean blue sky and white clouds.

I wanted to live and study in a city that is relatively large but not too busy and expensive, has an airport and is near to the sea. That’s why Newcastle became an ideal choice.


Leaving my home in China, I flew over half of the Northern Hemisphere to reach Newcastle, and the whole transport process usually takes a day. I felt still worth my while because the past three years of study has been an extremely valuable experience that I will cherish for a very long time. Because of the advanced development of mobile communications, I still get to talk to my family whenever I wanted and at the same time having the freedom and independence of arranging my own daily life – in other words, I get the best of both worlds.


Living in a place away from home means that I need to adapt to a culture that is new to me. In time, I started to realise that the opportunity of experiencing a new way of life enriches me, just like how I staying as a Chinese student have also brought more diversity into this vibrant city. Looking back on the big events like formal dress balls and tradition Chinese festival celebrations that I have attended, I am truly grateful for the wonderful opportunities of seeing and understanding the world differently and at the same time reflect deeply on my own identity.

2014 Business School Ball & 2015 Chinese New Year celebration
2014 Business School Ball & 2015 Chinese New Year celebration


My best memories of Newcastle can be explained by the pictures below.

  • The first one was taken outside Robinson literary when I was about to walk into the building and just saw a double rainbow.
  • Next one was taken in the lake near Castle Leazes where I lived for a semester.
  • Last two were taken by the Whitley Bay. I know those things might be taken for granted by most of the residents here, but to me personally, those are nature’s most precious gifts.

The peacefulness by the sea, the hopes and joy on a sudden sight of a rainbow, and the privileges of getting so close to wild birds that you can even touch them really put me through hard times and keep me going.

I had lived in Beijing for two years before I came to Newcastle, where thick, toxic smog covers most of the city and blue sky is big news worth celebrating. I believe that things like breathing clean air, accessing clean water, and enjoying the joy of living in harmony with nature, are basic human rights that all people on earth are entitled to regardless of their social or economic status. I may not have the luxury of feeding wild birds again when I finally go back to my home country for good, but I will cherish those wonderful memories for a very long time.



Studying Business Management has given me great opportunities to getting to know more of the world, making contacts and challenge myself. I took a year out in London for work placement, and I have also participated in the Global Case Competition in my first and fourth year.


Next, I will take a postgraduate course in a business related area to further prepare for my plans in pursuing a career as a business consultant when I go back to China.


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