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BSc Marketing and Management- A course worth your time

BSc Marketing and Management is an undergraduate course at Newcastle University Business School designed to train future marketers and management personnel. The broad subject enables students to choose either marketing or management as their career path, as the course emphasises on both topics equally. I am currently in the 2nd year of this 3-year course and here is a brief description of how the course runs throughout the year.

The Compulsory Modules

The course has 4 compulsory modules with 2 optional modules to choose from many options. The first module is Managing Human Resources. Directed towards the management aspect of the course, it helps to understand and analyse how to manage the HR of organizations. This is by far my favourite module of the year! It is very interesting to learn about all the science that goes behind managing people, even though it may seem quite simple from outside. Secondly, the Research Methods module, as the name suggests, focuses on learning how to perform researches practically in business situations. The two semesters are divided between qualitative and quantitative methods and at the end of each semester, you get to perform formal research and get your first taste of data collection and analysis. The third module is Operations Management which looks at the production aspect of management. With a mix of theoretical and quantitative methods, the module teaches the various ways production decisions are taken with the goal to cut costs as much as possible. Finally, the fourth module consumer behaviour looks at how consumers make decisions before making a purchase. This is an important subject for students wishing to pursue any fields of business as it teaches how to deal with customers.

Optional Modules

The two optional modules can be chosen from a wide variety of focus ranging from economics, marketing, accounting or management. You can take up whichever category interests you the most. Each module is taught with seminars where small groups discussions are initiated by seminar tutors regarding real-life case studies to understand the practical aspect of the theories learnt during lectures.

My thoughts

One thing I really enjoy about the course is the marketing aspect which makes it creative, with assignments such as making posters, marketing campaigns and presentations. You will never be bored as each module will teach different elements and have their own set of assignment formats. Altogether, I think marketing and management is a great course for students planning to explore career prospects related to marketing and management. But even if you are not sure about those areas, modules such as Managing HR and Research methods will allow you to keep options open if you later choose to change your field. The lectures are interactive, interesting and never the same! I would highly recommend looking up this course. You will not be disappointed!

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