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Bamburgh Castle – a fantastic daytrip adventure

After a very stressful examination period in January, me and my girlfriend decided that it is time for a nice daytrip. After punching a few keywords into the search engine, a trip to Bamburgh Castle sounded like a very nice option. And I really have to say that it completely blew our minds.

But let’s first start from the beginning. Luckily, the Sunday after our exams turned out to be a sunny and really nice day. So we decided to just go for it and start our little northern adventure. We rented a car for one day so we were flexible enough to make stops on the way wherever we wanted to. But of course there is also good public transport available.


On the way…

First of all, we passed Alnwick Castle on the way North. Even though the Castle is closed at this time of the year, we still stopped so we could admire this fascinating historic site. And what a sight it was! 🙂


It looked amazing, and apparently it is said to have been an inspiration for JK Rowling’s ‘Hogwarts’. So if you want to have a little bit of a Harry Potter adventure, just visit this great castle and feel the magic 😉

After the quick stop, we continued our journey and arrived at Bamburgh Castle at around noon. The weather was still lovely and we could really enjoy the sight of this majestic building, even from the distance.


One of the great things is that you can actually walk completely around the castle and admire the landscape too. Especially the side facing the coast is a lot of fun to discover since it takes you along some really beautiful sand dunes. Also, the view from the beach is just amazing.

IMG_20170205_143545 IMG_20170205_143729IMG_20170205_135803

Once inside the castle, we were even more positively surprised: everything is so well maintained and beautifully restored. It is really an eye-catcher to walk through the different rooms and see how people lived a long time ago. Especially some of the large festive rooms are really impressive; and even today people book these rooms for weddings.


IMG_20170205_131233 bamburgh_castle_interior_3

Of course, travelling always makes you hungry. You can visit the café inside the castle and have some lovely cake and a good old cup of tea. Or, you can go into the town of Bamburgh to enjoy some of the freshest fish and chips you ever had 😉

Altogether, …

… we absolutely enjoyed our trip to Bamburgh Castle. It is one of the most beautiful and impressive historic sites we have ever seen. Especially the nice beach nearby and the well-preserved rooms make this site a wonderful daytrip. And if you feel like more, Alnwick Castle and the lovely ‘Holy Island’ are really close so you can combine the trip with even more adventures.

So even though we all love Newcastle, don’t forget to enjoy the lovely countryside of Northumberland 🙂


All the best,



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