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Student Life

A Day in the Life of an Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management Student

I am currently a postgraduate student studying for a Master’s degree in Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management. I chose supply chain management for my postgraduate study because of the opportunity it affords me to diversify into different career paths, especially with the surge in demand for supply chain managers during the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic. Although I have a background in construction, the construction industry also has a long supply chain. Being equipped with these skills gives me a double advantage as a professional in the construction industry.

Lectures, seminars and workshops

So far, I have enjoyed my studying experience at the Business School. The modules cover a wide range of topics including quality management and control, international logistics and digital supply chain management. The contents of the modules are very valuable and relate to recent happenings around the world and practical applications. It is expected that as a postgraduate student you do a level of independent study, but you have a lot of resources made available to help you.

There are three modes of teaching in my programme. The lengths of the lectures are between one to three hours depending on the credit of the module. Every module has seminar sessions and workshops during the semester. These sessions allow us to analyse practical case studies and have group discussions with my classmates. This is usually an interesting session that has helped me to learn from my peers and understand other people’s perspectives. My classmates are from different parts of the world and have unique experiences to contribute to the sessions.

The School Career Service has helped me with my CV review and provided advice on how to tailor my CV to suit specific roles. This has been very useful for me since I began to apply for internships and graduate roles.

What my typical day looks like

Each day for me looks different. This is because my timetable is not fixed, and it changes weekly. This comes with its pros and cons. I usually have between one to three classes a day and my lecture time could start as early as 9:30am or as late as 3:30pm. After lectures, I normally go back home to rest and spend some time going through what I learned that day. I love studying at home and work better in my own space. But whenever I have long intervals between lectures, I use the study areas within the Business School.

I spend most of my evenings relaxing and connecting with my family back home. On some other days, I attend events organized by the Business School such as time management sessions and LinkedIn optimization sessions. This also allows me to network with other students outside my department.

One of the cons of not having a fixed lecture timetable is it makes it difficult to arrange a steady shift pattern with your employer. I am currently not doing a part-time job yet because of this. Although some of my classmates have been able to find a way around it, this has been quite challenging for me.

In general, my life as a student is both fun and engaging. Although not all days are the same, I try to make the most of each day and make it count.

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