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The ‘NUBS’ of it Podcast – Steph Wilson

After working as a Business Ambassador for Newcastle University Business School throughout the final year of my Marketing degree, I was flattered to be invited to speak on the very first episode of the NUBS podcast – the ’NUBS’ of it. As a keen podcast listener, I know how entertaining, informative and eye-opening they can be, so the chance to be a guest on the University’s new show was really appealing! I wanted to use this special type of media coverage to reflect on my time at Newcastle, share my unique experiences with others in the NUBS community and publicly recognise how well the Business School has supported me during my university career.

The podcast recording (in mid-July) took place at Pink Lane studios – near Central Station – and was a wonderful, creative environment to be immersed in. As I arrived, I was welcomed by two other NUBS students, Ashleigh King (the Alumni Relations Manager), Paul Scurrah (the Photographer) and the recording team. Everyone was super friendly and reassuring, so although I was slightly nervous, I also felt comfortable and excited to be part of the podcast.

First up was my photoshoot, which was all very natural and non-intimidating. Paul casually chatted to me (about everything from my workout regime to my home in London) whilst taking the snaps, meaning they came out very candid and un-posed. I was pleasantly surprised by how well the images turned out and enjoyed chatting about Paul’s media career whilst we took the photos.

Candid image of Stephanie Wilson in a sleeveless, long, khaki dress

Following the snapshots, it was time to get chatty on the podcast! Upon walking into the recording room, I was greeted by Olivia Jack (a fellow NUBS alumni), who was prepared to ask me plenty of questions and discuss all things university, student life, business and more. As we sat across the table from each other, I was glad to see she seemed to know exactly what she was doing and followed her lead as the recording began.

I don’t want to spoil the surprise but some of the topics we touch on in the episode include….

  • Why doing a placement year as part of your degree is so valuable
  • How NUBS support mental health awareness, cultural diversity and student wellbeing
  • Why studying during the pandemic was a challenge but an important learning opportunity
  • What tips I’d give to people just starting out as a Business School student or moving to Newcastle

Image of Steph and Olivia sitting in the podcast recording room smiling for a photo

Perhaps the most interesting thing about our conversation was how in tune we were with each other and how easily the conversation flowed. At one point I even forgot I was being recorded because Olivia and I were just getting along so well. The conversation is light-hearted, but not too long (I felt like I was only in the studio for a couple of minutes), yet there were so many great points we touched on and I’m certain the final recording will be worth listening to.

In a way, the experience of being a NUBS podcast guest was the perfect culmination of my university ‘journey’. I had my graduation event and moved out of Newcastle just a few days after being in the studio, so I am very grateful I had the chance to be part of this amazing new media outlet for the Business School before I left.

Now that I’m a graduate and entering the ‘world of work,’ I am determined to stay connected to the Business School – not only by listening to the podcasts episodes and keeping in touch on social media, but also via the NUBS graduate careers services. As a graduate, I have a wealth of job opportunities, employability advice and other valuable tools available to me, which will allow me to excel in the future as a member of the class of 2021. The wealth of options and resources available to graduates and the continued guidance from NUBS will no doubt be a huge help as I move on from university, so it’s really reassuring to know that they’re there for me.

Keep an eye on our social media channels for more information on the release of our podcast and join the conversation using #NUBSPodcast. I look forward to hearing your opinion on the show and listening to future episodes.

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