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My Placement Year at the Business School as the Marketing and Communications Intern

Hi, my name is Nichol Quinn and I study Marketing and Management and have just completed my placement year at the Business School as the Marketing and Communications Intern. During this year, I have learnt and improved so many skills as well as gained vital experience that I hope will place me in a good position to obtain a graduate job following my final year of university. Find out what I have been doing over the last 11 months as I share the experience of my placement year with you… What have I done on my placement? Often when people would ask me “So, what do you actually do at work?” I struggled to remember and explain everything I do as I have been fortunate enough to get involved with and do so many different things. My initial answer was that I contributed to the school’s social media channels by creating assets and writing posts for a range of activities including promoting open days, upcoming events, job adverts, and blogs written either by myself or fellow students. Doing this has allowed me to improved my design skills by creating the assets which accompany posts. It has also tested and improved my grammatical skills as I needed to ensure the copy was appropriate for the purpose of the post and appealed to the correct audience. In addition to creating assets for social media, I also got involved in creating video content. For this I recorded content for things such as promoting an upcoming Open Day or academics discussing a new initiative. I would then edit the videos, ensuring they were published on the correct channels. I received positive feedback for these videos, giving me a sense of pride in my work and this kept me motivated to do more in the future. Before editing and posting videos, I was the star in a video tour of the Business School, this was filmed during my first week of the job and you can see me looking embarrassed here, if you fancy a laughable but effective Business School tour! How could I say “no I’m not doing it” in my first week of the job?! I also helped manage the Student Blog, which involved regularly uploading blog posts written by myself, other students, or external companies. Part of my role required me to ensure that all blog posts were well written and matched the Business School’s brand and tone of voice. I would check through each post before publishing to ensure continuity. Being the Marketing and Communications Intern also allowed me to develop website management skills. During the year I helped restructure the layout of the Business School’s website to make sure all pages were consistent and written well. I also had the chance to write news articles about success stories at the Business School. This really helped me to develop my writing skills, and these articles are still live on the Business School website today, something that I could show potential employers in the future! Gaining this experience in website management systems has been vital for me as I had no previous experience or knowledge in this area. My placement year gave me the opportunity to help organise and run a wide variety of events, including: Induction Week, Employability Week, Gain a Global Advantage, Open Days and Post Application Visit Days, Graduations, Multicultural Month, and International Women’s Day. Having the opportunity to see everything come together on the day for all of these events was very rewarding and has taught me a lot about the level of planning and communication required to run an event. Why I would recommend a placement year
  • You gain experience in a field relevant to your degree so can transfer knowledge learnt at university into a real life situation and gain practical experience.
  • You learn new skills and develop your existing ones – most companies will offer some training to help you do this such as Excel or Photoshop training.
  • You get to meet and network with so many new people – Being on placement allows you to meet new people such as colleagues and employees from other companies which you work and interact with.
  • You are more likely to return for final year focused and hungrier for success, and disciplined to try and produce the best work possible.
  • Having learnt and experienced all that you do on placement, you will be more attractive to an employer post university, having already been able to successfully source a job in a competitive market, worked for a year, and improved your CV.

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