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A Typical Day Working as a HP Inc. Business Management Intern

Alicja is a final year student in Business Management, who completed a placement year with HP in 2020/21. If you are interested in completing a placement between Stage 2 and Stage 3, you can find out more in the Business School UG Stage 2 Community 2021-22 on Canvas, or contact the NUBS Student Experience team.


A typical day of an intern in 2020 was by no means typical of what you might imagine. When looking for a placement, I did not expect to be completing my entire internship remotely due to a pandemic.  The COVID-19 Pandemic has now created a new idea of what a usual working day looks like and here is a snapshot of what working remotely for a large organisation on placement was like.


The daily to-do list and morning meetings


Each day started off with check-in of what needed to be done. I would respond to any outstanding emails and messages, then make sure all my trackers and files were up to date. It would then be time to prepare for the team meetings. During the first meeting, the team manager updated everyone on the company-wide news as well as any important events and deals happening that week. The second team meeting was with a smaller group and was scheduled so that everyone could give updates on their work. After the meetings were finished, I would move on to doing my weekly and monthly reports.


Reporting, promotions, and ad-hoc work


While working at HP I oversaw several reports, which were run monthly, weekly, or even daily. Each morning I would conduct a variety of tasks relating to these reports. For example, I would message my colleagues asking for their updates to the product roadmaps, scan the marketplace for relevant information or control product visibility on channel platforms. This would also be the time for me to complete any ad-hoc tasks requested by my teammates. When all these tasks were done for the day, I took my lunch break.


Committee and additional work


After lunch, I was usually able to get involved in any intern committee work or new projects. As a committee, we organised different employee events and coordinated fundraising for the Prince’s Trust. We had intern meetings or delegated tasks preparing for our events such as creating decks and quizzes for our teams. The afternoon was also the time to make sure all larger reports were on track to meet their deadlines.


End of day catch-ups and preparation for the next day


At the end of the day, I would have catch-up calls with teammates I worked with on different projects. I created to-do lists and confirmed all my meetings for the following day and closed any matters that had a deadline on that day. If necessary, I would stay longer to finish a specific activity or promotion. Days at HP varied which meant that each day could bring something new. In retrospect, even though my internship was remote there were plenty of tasks to be completed with many activities I could get involved in.

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