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Our students tell us about their regional internship with Atom Bank. To find out more about our regional internship programme for Newcastle University Business School students, visit our website.

Week 1

Mingxia tells us about her first week interning at Atom Bank.

My internship started with an induction session hosted at the Business School. After a quick round of introductions, we were split into different groups according to the programmes we would be working on. We worked together on a few different tasks and workshops before breaking for lunch. After lunch, we did a walking tour of Newcastle and the Campus. I felt proud of being a student at Newcastle University as I could introduce my favourite places to the other students. At the end of the day, we had dinner with the managers and staff at university at St James park, where we can have full view of the stadium. With the magnificent view, the elegant dinner and great people surrounding, all of us were spoiled!



 I started the internship the following day at Atom Bank. I’m in the Marketing Team along with Amanda from Boston University.  Every day so far has been different!  I have finished the research about maximising the use of LinkedIn and gave my recommendations to my Supervisor. My suggestions about improving the company’s profile on LinkedIn have been put into action, which is great as I feel like my contribution to the company is valued and I have my own responsibilities. 

On my third day at Atom Bank, a journalist was interviewing three senior managers in the company. It was great to be involved and really interesting to see the Journalist at work, I have never seen someone write in shorthand before! I also assisted with the photography which was very fun!



Week 2

Akshay, one of our student interns working on the Financial Crime project at Atom Bank tells us about week 2.


It was the start to another fantastic week at Atom Bank in the leafy suburb of Durham. The first task was to complete the impact assessment. Once we completed the final structure, we had a meeting with Dan in a cosy, colourful booth in the corner of our office. At Atom Bank, cosy and colourful are the two top priorities, so these booths are dotted around the office; it makes the space very comfortable and conducive to provoking great ideas. After the meeting, we made the last few changes and handed in the risk assessment before heading back to Newcastle for the evening.



Tuesday wasn’t the same since one of our group members, Leo, was missing from action. Without our trusty sidekick, we started on the actual risk assessment. We had a template to work from, so Akshay and Menno tried to work through the template and started filling in the empty spaces. After a couple of hours, we decided to discuss with Dan so that we could have a better understanding of how he wanted the risk assessment to be done. For the rest of the day we filled in the risk assessment and started shaping the structure.





On Wednesday, we were happy to have our beloved group member, Leo, back in the game! We started off the day by briefing Leo on what he missed from the day before and what we still needed to accomplish. In the middle of the day we had a two-hour meeting with Dan where he gave feedback on our risk assessment. After the meeting, we continued to work on the risk assessment until around 4:15. Dan graciously offered to drive us back into the city because he had business to attend to in the city centre. On the way, instead of going nonstop, he decided to show us a bit of the tourist side of the city. We stopped for pictures at the majestic Angel of the North, graciously spreading her wings towards the grey skies of the south. After a ten-minute stop for pictures, we continued on the rest of the journey and returned home with a new perspective on the city.




Thursday was the day we needed to make the most progress on the risk assessment, as it was the last day in the office before Monday. We spent the better part of the morning working on the finishing touches related to content and then finished around 2 pm. After taking a 15-minute break, during which Leo wowed us with his incredible beat boxing skills (he should be famous), we had a final meeting with Dan and Helen, the head of the Financial Crime Team, to discuss what we had accomplished. The meeting lasted from 4-5 during which Helen, Head of Financial Crime, said she found very helpful. After the meeting, we caught the 5:17 train back to Newcastle.


After four days of heading to Durham, Friday is always welcoming at the business school. The day was mostly used to smooth out the risk assessment and ensure that it had a proper structure. We then concluded the day writing the blog and having a little team bonding.

Week 3

Menno, Atom Bank Intern from Groningen University tells us about his penultimate week interning at Atom Bank.

Today was an exciting day as the three of us leaped out of bed around 7:00 on a beautiful Monday morning because today it was the day of the long-awaited Atom Bank Annual Summer Party! After arriving at Atom we were first invited to attend their Up ‘n Atom meeting in which they presented updates on the performance of the company as well as some achievements of the past few months. This meeting really gave us some great insights in the company objectives and past performance. After the Up ‘n Atom gathering, we worked a little more on the risk assessment on the criminal facilitation of tax evasion before we went off to the great party! With a lovely sunshine and some happy looking folks, we started our afternoon with a small pint and a scrumptious sausage. At arrival, we received a Hawaiian flower necklace which suited us well. There were inflatables, a rodeo bull (not a real one, don’t worry), a very talented DJ whose selection of music really enhanced the ambiance, and football and rounders competitions. We had a great time there and truly experienced Atom’s culture and hospitality!

After the  party, we were full of spirit to get right back to work on Tuesday. We had a catch up with Claire about our risk assessment, and almost finished it in the afternoon. Therefore, we could start on a hand-out about the new corporate offence of failure to prevent the criminal facilitation of tax evasion the next day. Wednesday was a really creative day, we made the hand-out which turned out really colourful and informative. This hand-out is meant to raise awareness about the facilitation of tax evasion among employees of Atom and the consequences, and therefore had to be short and appealing. On Thursday morning, we finished the hand-out and Claire seemed very pleased with the end result. We had a meeting with her about the hand-out and she explained a little more about the purpose of this pamphlet. Since this document is only a part of the communication about the facilitation of tax evasion, we had to think about a more extensive training programme. We came up with a PowerPoint on this subject, bolstered by a questionnaire. This is basically what we were working on for the rest of the day and then because we were ahead of schedule, we could leave a little early to enjoy the great weather, which is encountered rarely around here, it seems!

In the weekend Akshay and I visited the Great North Museum and the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Arts. We walked through the park at Jesmond Dene and we had some English breakfast at the Quayside from the guidebook we received before arriving in Newcastle, which we enjoyed very much!





















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