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Study Abroad Photography Competition

We’re always looking for new ways to promote mobility opportunities to NUBS students, so this year we launched our Incoming and Outgoing Study Abroad Photography Competition. Students were asked to capture and submit moments from their year abroad, with prizes being awarded to the students who submitted the most creative shots from around the world.

The winners are…

Amanda Stane – completed study abroad in Barcelona

“The first week of Erasmus with breathtaking views”

Fionnuala McBride – completed study abroad in Lisbon

Jardim de Castelo is named after its proximity to Lisbon’s impressive castle right in the heart of the city. The view from here captures the Portuguese authenticity, overlooking the architecture of the old down. Musicians gather at this viewpoint, as they do in many parts of the city, and bring the city to life.”

James Madeira – completed study abroad in Madrid

Orlane Bri – completed study abroad in Newcastle upon Tyne

“The best education you will ever get is travelling. Nothing teaches you more than exploring the world and accumulating experiences”

Thank you to all the students who entered the competitions, we received some amazing entries!

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