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From Newcastle to Pune – Preparing for my Global Internship

Hello, my name is Jack McCall, a current stage 2 Economics student, aged 20. I come from the rural land of the little county Rutland.

As part of my internship with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) I will be working with a student from Boston University and we will undertake a research project chosen for us by the RBI. At the end of the internship, I will be responsible for presenting our findings in front of the RBI committee.

Why did I apply for this particular internship? Mainly because I intend to pursue a career in banking or finance and this internship is directly relevant to my degree programme. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity, working for an institution as prestigious as the RBI would be enormously CV enhancing for future employment.

Skills I’d like to develop? I am eager to expand my competence in Economics as a subject, which will hopefully improve my exam performances at Stage 3. I am also keen to improve my organisational and communication skills whilst  working with students from Newcastle and Boston.

Excited? Nervous? I am more excited than nervous for sure. The fact that I have already met the other Newcastle interns has reassured me that I’ll have the experience of a lifetime with a great bunch of people. I have always been open to travelling and experiencing different cultures! Also, the fact I am quite the curry enthusiast will definitely help me settle…

What am I most worried about? Well the drinking age is apparently 21… I joke, probably the ridiculous heat and sun that my Scottish inherited skin isn’t used to up here in Newcastle. Factor 50 every day it is!

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