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From Newcastle to Kigali – Preparing for my Global Internship

Hi there, my name is Jia Hui Lee, I’m from Malaysia and currently a second year undergraduate studying Politics and Economics at Newcastle University.

Having had a previous experience as a marketing intern in an insurance firm, I am keen to expand my horizon and thus applied for the Ideas in Motion internship based in Rwanda. The global aspect of the GEO internship enticed me a lot and I reckon an internship abroad would be the ideal challenge in terms of stepping out of my comfort zone. I have been placed with a NGO called Root Foundation that supports children from vulnerable backgrounds in Kigali. As part of my internship, I will be providing support towards their fundraising campaign and strategy in order to allow the organisation to be more sustainable in the long run.

This internship will be the perfect platform for me to learn more about the fundraising and strategising aspects of an NGO which will definitely be useful for my future career path. Albeit having no business background before, I hope to apply some transferable skills from my degree such as research and analytical skills towards the internship. Meanwhile, I’m excited to gauge the political culture in Rwanda and hopefully apply it towards my work.

I am most definitely thrilled about the internship as I have never been to Rwanda myself, let alone the African continent! I am looking forward to amazing sunny weather, trying local food, as well as a vibrant city life in Kigali. My main concern will be working in a diverse working environment but I am sure my time in Newcastle as an international student would have prepared me well.

With no real expectations on what’s to come this summer, I shall end this with poet François Rabelais’ famous last words of “I go to seek a Great Perhaps”.

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