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Jonathan Shiel – my Erasmus+ year in Norway


I’m Jonathan Shiel, I study on the Marketing and Management programme and spent last year studying at the Norwegian School of Economics…in Norway.


Why did you apply for the Erasmus+/non EU study abroad programme?

I thought it would differentiate me from other job applicants in the future. We have our whole lives to work, so I wanted to get the best enjoyment out of university before I have to settle.


Describe a typical day for you as a study abroad student:

Travel, travel, travel. You’ve only got a small amount of time to truly submerge yourself in foreign culture so you must definitely explore the country or further afield. I spent the majority of time with my hall mates, creating some unforgettable memories and friendships which will last a lifetime.


What skills have you developed during your period of study abroad and how? (these do not have to be directly related to your studies!):

Complete independence. I feel much more confident in my ability as well as solving issues that arise. I have gained cultural awareness and developed my abilities to relate to others who don’t necessarily share the same values.


What do you wish you had known before coming out on your study placement abroad?

How great it would be otherwise I wouldn’t have been so nervous.


How do you think this experience has made you more employable? What will you be able to demonstrate to graduate employers?

I have greater cultural awareness and ability to adapt to uncertain situations with greater confidence. My network within Europe and North America has grown significantly, I feel I could benefit in the future from this.

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