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I’m Jack Lynch, I study on the International Business Management programme and I’m currently on an exchange year studying at the University of Barcelona in Spain.



Why did you apply for the Erasmus+ study aboard programme?

It was a compulsory stage of the degree, however, it was a big part of me choosing the degree in the first place because I have an interest in learning different languages and about different cultures.


Describe a typical day for you as a study abroad student.

Taking the metro to University on weekdays and if there are no plans in place with friends, weather dependent, I will either head somewhere like the beach or a bar somewhere…or just stay at home.


What skills have you developed during your period of study abroad and how?

Firstly, language skills, I feel like my Spanish language skills are improving every day.  And communication skills in general, I feel more confidant than when I arrived!  Also, day by day I’m finding out more about a foreign culture which is very enriching!


What do you wish you had known before coming out on your study placement abroad?

I wish I was told more about the mundane, official documentation processes, such as how now I have to apply for a foreign identity number, where I wish I was able to have had it sorted before I came.


How do you think this experience has made you more employable?  What will you be able to demonstrate to graduate employers?

I think adaptability is a key theme when thinking about gaining employment skills throughout this year.  It is demonstrable proof that I have been able to get used to different surroundings whilst enriching my skills as an individual.  Especially if I am able to find a part time job here!

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