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My Regional Internship – Jack Tomlinson


Student Jack talks about how his internship with the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) opened the door for a career in accountancy in London. Applications for this year’s regional internship scheme are now open until Friday 24th March and are open to all Business School students. For details of this year’s projects please visit our website

Full name: Jack Tomlinson

Degree and Graduation year: Economics (2016)

GEO Internship completed: Federation of Small Businesses (2015)


What did you do during your internship? 

The task for our internship was to create an information booklet and presentation to promote open data usage in the North East. We worked in a team of seven, with four Newcastle University Business School students and three students from Xiamen University in China. In order to complete the information booklet we visited businesses in the area which use open data and then researched examples of open data usage from the UK and around the globe.


What did you get from doing the internship? Did you develop or acquire any particular skills?

I made new friends, both from the Business School and abroad, enhanced my networking and communication skills and made contacts in a range of business areas in Newcastle which eventually led to me being offered a job! I also gained valuable research experience in a business environment, enhanced my global outlook, and gained a greater understanding of Chinese culture.


What jobs of significance have you held since graduating? What is your current job title?

I am currently working as a trainee accountant at Crowe Clark Whitehill in London, whilst studying for my ACA exams. It’s a great place to work and the professional qualification I am studying towards is great for my career.


Do you think the internship made you more employable and how did the experience help you in your professional career?

Definitely! I talked about the internship in both cover letters and in interviews. For the Crowe assessment centre I had to do a presentation on “an enlightening experience”, and so I chose the internship as my topic. The internship also helped me build organisational and leadership skills which are invaluable in the workplace. A big thank you to the Global team for making it possible!


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