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My Global Business Challenge: Joe Heathcoate

Find out how taking part in one of the Business School’s Global Business Challenges helped Business School student Joe secure a 12 month placement working at start-up OnlineFuels in London!

Full Name: Joe Heathcote

Degree: Business Management (Stage 2)


Explain what you did during the Global Business Challenge: I worked in a cross-cultural team over a two-week period to research and develop a strategy for OnlineFuels, an independent exchange linking the buyers and sellers of physical oil. The strategy made recommendations as to how OnlineFuels should expand its operations overseas, which were then presented to the Founder of the company, who happens to be a Business School graduate!


What skills did you develop during the challenge? Do you think the experience has made you more employable? Taking part in the challenge certainly helped me in the application process for OnlineFuels as I had a much clearer understanding of the oil industry and the company itself. During the competition I also learned how to overcome communication barriers associated with working  in cross-cultural teams. I developed my presentation skills as the final presentation was delivered via video link, which could prove useful in future job interviews.


Explain what you will be doing during your placement with OnlineFuels: As a marketer, I will be responsible for creating marketing reports and marketing literature, but I will also be involved in other areas of the business, including;

  • Presenting the OnlineFuels platform to new buyers and sellers
  •  Building and maintaining relationships with key suppliers
  • Seeking new advertisers
  • Launching the product abroad within 12 months and investigating new markets in the UK and abroad


Give detail of the application process with OnlineFuels and what you were required to do: The first stage involved sending a CV and cover letter to the company. This was followed by a video interview and finally an interview at OnlineFuels’ office in London.

Congratulations Joe! We wish you all the best in your placement with OnlineFuels!

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