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I’m Emily Pentony, I study on the International Business Management programme and am currently spending a year studying at Universitat de Barcelona in Spain.


Why did you apply for the Erasmus+/non EU study abroad programme?

I study Spanish as part of my degree programme and wanted to improve my language skills and experience the culture of Spain.


Describe a typical day for you as a study abroad student:

I go to class in the mornings from 10-1.30. I study two business modules in Spanish and two in Business. In the afternoons, I will normally meet with friends and explore different areas of Barcelona. In the Summer we would go to the beach/park.


What skills have you developed during your period of study abroad and how? (these do not have to be directly related to your studies!):

I have improved my overall communication skills Spanish. I have improved my speaking by working a few months in a restaurant. I have also improved my listening and understanding by attending two marketing modules that are taught in Spanish. I have also learnt to be more patient as anything to do with administration in Spain is a long and tedious process.


What do you wish you had known before coming out on your study placement abroad?

That you may need a NIE number if you wish to open a bank account/work. It takes a long time to get an appointment and is worth looking into before you leave. Also it is best to come a little bit earlier and stay in a hostel while finding somewhere to live as there can be lots of housing scams.


How do you think this experience has made you more employable? What will you be able to demonstrate to graduate employers?

It shows that I am independent and capable of adapting to unknown situations. It is also proof that I have worked at improving my Spanish and am more likely to now have a better understanding of the language and culture.

Emily Pentony on YAP Spain


Interested in doing an Erasmus year abroad? Visit the University website.

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