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Camille Joffrin – Coming to Newcastle for my year abroad

I’m Camille Joffrin, I study at NEOMA Business School in France and am spending a semester at Newcastle University Business School.



Why did you apply for the Erasmus+ programme at your home University?

Studying abroad was one of my first requirements, for me it a way to open my mind to the world, the cultures, the teaching methods and as a result being more adaptable and comprehensive with the world we are currently living in.


Why did you choose Newcastle University Business School as your destination?

I wanted to go in an English speaking country to improve my level of English.  However, I also wanted to discover places I had never been to before and somewhere really different from France (in terms of architecture, culture and landscape).  That’s why Newcastle, in the North East of England has been a great opportunity to feel further from home.


Describe a typical day for you as a study abroad student at Newcastle.

I have between 2 and 4 hours of classes a day.  On my way to or back from University I like discovering the city, enjoying the shops and reflecting on the culture.  Most of the time we meet up with other international students for a drink and enjoy the different events organised by the Erasmus Society.


What skills have you developed during your period of study abroad and how?

Sociability!!! I speak with everyone even if I have never seen the person before.  I attend some events without knowing anybody there and ask them questions.  These are things I never do in France. Being an international student feels like you are more free and you are already part of a group.  Even if you don’t know the person, being international is something you have in common, which feels like we kind of already are friends be we are sharing and living the same things.


What do you wish you had known before coming out on your study placement abroad?

The winter weather in Newcastle – cold and windy.  I could not really prepare for it though.  And the local accent (Geordie) is often hard to understand.


How do you think this experience has made you more employable?  What will you be able to demonstrate to graduate employers?

I feel more open minded in the way that I can understand some challenges better, since I know a little more about how things are abroad and how people deal with situations.  Many behaviours depend on culture even the most little things, having this experience makes me more aware and understanding.  It can help me to face some challenges thanks to the different points of view I can use.

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