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Benji Brinquis Solomon – Preparing for a Year Abroad in Colombia

I’m Benji Brinquis Solomon, a Stage 2 International Business Management student, currently preparing for a combine work/study placement in Colombia.


Why did you apply for a Year Abroad Placement?

I believe that today’s business environment is so competitive that a degree is just not enough.  A work placement at a multi-national company will provide me with a broader knowledge of the ‘real world’ and hopefully prepare me for when I finish my degree.


What are you doing to prepare for your Year Abroad Placement?

A lot of research on the company in an effort to make some contacts before I begin my work placement, as well as a lot of reading on the country and it’s culture.


What are you expecting your destination country to be like?

Extremely different to the UK.  From its people, to its culture and the way of life over there.  I’m very excited to live this opportunity and hope to learn and make some great contacts for my future career.


What are you most looking forward to about your Year Abroad Placement?

Being able to work for and learn from a MNC.  Being able to live out new experience and learn from new cultures.  Not to mention making strong industry contact for my future…it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.


What are you most nervous about?

The experience not living up to my expectations: i.e. me not enjoying my placement.


What do you hope to get out your Year Abroad Placement?

I hope to leave ‘my mark’ at the company where I complete my internship and if I enjoy it, I hope to receive an offer for when I graduate and I also hope to make many important contacts.

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