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One’s future is often uncertain and it’s just human nature to be nervous about your future career prospects and more. While you can’t really predict the future, you can take action to prepare yourself for the world of graduate work and thankfully this is where Newcastle University Business School and their support come into the picture.

How my course prepares me for the future

The entire concept of creating content, analysing the market, developing marketing strategies and dealing with consumer behaviour has always appealed to me and hence, I chose to study Marketing and Management as my degree.

While the course is officially accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, I was after more than just a mere qualification and the course has, and is continuing to, tick all the right boxes for me. I believe that practical experience is just as important, if not more so than theoretical knowledge. The course manages to challenge me with every assessment as it doesn’t just test my basic knowledge but goes further to develop my soft skills, such as teamwork, leadership, communication and more.

Several modules put us into teams and have us working towards a common goal; much like a modern-day organisation with a separate marketing division. With the rise of the virtual era, one of my main areas of focus is digital marketing and the various techniques under its umbrella. Across the three years, the course has managed to test me with several simulation software projects and with assessments that have us dealing with real-world clients and their digital marketing team.

Modules like Business Information Systems and Business Analysis and Analytics test our analytical knowledge and have us presenting our solutions to a client which also replicates a typical marketing environment.

Career Services

During your time at university, make sure to utilise the various services Newcastle University and the Business School have to offer.

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Part-time employment and volunteering

For instance, I found myself regularly using the Careers website to look for part-time jobs and even volunteering opportunities to further perfect my skill set. The careers website is regularly updated to provide you with the best work opportunities to develop your career, may it be internships, part-time jobs or even placements, this is your go-to site.

Employability support

Another really useful service is the help offered with your CV, practice assessment centres and interviews. Let’s face it, the graduate job market is competitive and just having a degree isn’t always enough to get you that job. You need to make an impression, and this is exactly what the University aims to help you with.. May it be advising you on how to improve your CV, insights and tips to assessment days and more, the Business School’s got you covered.

Industry placements

With your course, you have the opportunity to take a year out for an industry placement, and I highly recommend you take up this opportunity.

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The industry placement offers you real-world experience in a role that will help build your career prospects and give you an insight into how organisations work. Plus, it is an opportunity for you to put your knowledge and skills to the test and you may even be offered a graduate role in the future.

If you’re interested have a look at Newcastle’s very own Careers’ website for placements or even websites like TargetJobs and RateMyPlacement. The Business School can help you with your placement search and even offer insights and tips on assessment days, interviews and more. The Business School can provide you with assistance based on your subject degree and help you accordingly.

Volunteering opportunities

Having been in your shoes, I do understand that it really is challenging to land a job and it can take a toll on your confidence, this is why I suggest taking up volunteering roles as well.

Volunteering organisations are welcoming and always on the lookout for new volunteers, think of it as an opportunity to give back to society whilst also developing your skills.

For instance, in my 2nd year, I volunteered as a Digital Marketing and Communications Officer at a local organisation that helped adults with autism. Not only did it give me a sense of immense happiness, but it also gave me a chance to put my skills to the test and help boost awareness for their organisation, especially since they had no marketing department.

A few more tips to leave you with

  • Events: Have a look-out for the various events hosted by the Business School like the Future Focus Careers Conference, Common Purpose and more. These events help build your network and also involve talks and tasks that you could take part in and improve your skills.
  • Employability Week: This week involves several events to help you with your future career aspirations, with several companies giving you an insight into how they work, their requirements, the various schemes available and much more.
  • Business Ambassador role: The Business Ambassador role is a perfect opportunity for students to help build their CV and to take on diverse tasks like writing blogs, making videos and representing the Business school. The role is paid and flexible, so it fits in with your studies.


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Rohan is an undergraduate student studying Marketing and Management at Newcastle University Business School.

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