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Why you need to use LinkedIn Learning

The global job market is more competitive than ever, with firms wanting to make sure they hire the best talent.

When organisations are receiving thousands of applications for positions, how can you stand out from everyone else? I would like to let you in on a secret and introduce you to my favourite ingredient to help you shine in any application or interview… LinkedIn Learning!

Why I love LinkedIn Learning

I’ve been a fan of LinkedIn Learning for several years because I love the range and breadth of courses available. As a student, I love the theoretical lessons we learn in our official classes, although sometimes we move on so quickly, and there are times where I would like to explore learning in a more practical or more visual way.

LinkedIn Learning helps me to further my learning in areas I never thought I would understand and makes things like Investment Banking and Economics simple! I like that I can watch at my own pace and pause and rewind until I understand with confidence.

About the platform

The platform has a user-friendly interface and the course material is high quality with so many industry experts from all over the world. It has helped me to understand topics we may not have had time to explore in class. You can also develop employability skills like Digital Marketing Skills, or improving your Photoshop expertise.

If you are actively seeking a job, there are so many useful courses about how to make your application stand out, or resilience tips for how to cope with rejection, if your job search is taking a little while.

The courses

My favourite course has been ‘Time Management Fundamentals’ by Dave Crenshaw, it has lots of tips and tricks for creatives like myself who can sometimes feel overwhelmed. A must for any busy Master’s (and Undergraduate) students, it is also something I have watched a few times as the lessons were so valuable.

It taught me about the ‘Myth of Multi-tasking’ and how ‘Switch-tasking’ takes up more of your time and energy. This course helped me to set boundaries for my tasks and my email inbox, which has helped me to be more focused. Something we will all need in the busy ‘Future of Work’ with a faster-connected world, and multiple demands on our time.

Additional benefits of LinkedIn which you might not already be aware of… every time you complete a course or programme, you have the choice to add this to your profile, which helps to include new skills. I love this feature as did you know that some recruiters search using ‘skill’ filters in their searches for applicants?

Using LinkedIn Learning also enables premium features such as being able to see enhanced data about who has looked at your profile (useful if you are wanting to grow your online presence, or in case a recruiter has looked at you).

For information on LinkedIn Learning, look out on your university emails or visit the website.

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