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What can LinkedIn do for you?

LinkedIn is primarily known as a networking platform, but is good to be aware of the full range of benefits on offer and know how you can make the most of being a member:

  • Offers direct networking links to a global network of professional contacts from your classmates to alumni, employers and industry experts
  • Allows you to search and apply for the latest vacancies across all industry sectors
  • Provides information on the latest industry news and trends in order to develop your commercial awareness
  • Can be used as a research tool for academic assessments
  • Provides opportunities to directly speak with recruiters and learn more about specific hiring opportunities and recruitment processes
  • Business School students have free access to LinkedIn Learning, where you can find a whole range of online courses to expand your skills and knowledge

This makes for an impressive list, but did you know that recruiters also actively engage with LinkedIn to seek their future talent? Using specific key terms, they will sift through search results for recent graduates who catch their eye with relevant skills & experience and who are actively seeking hiring opportunities. So, by optimising keywords, you can help yourself to align with LinkedIn search algorithms and get noticed!

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