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Top tips: Identifying your Strengths

Understanding your strengths is a great way to help you identify job roles and environments that are likely to bring out the best in you, and ensure you are effective in your career planning.

One of the simplest places to start when thinking about your career can be taking some time to consider your strengths and the things that you enjoy and are good at.

  1. What you are naturally good at?
  2. What inspires you, motivates you, energises you?
  3. When do you give your best performance?

You may also find it useful to work through a strengths-based quiz which can help you to identify what makes you tick, and even how this influences you as a partner! This quiz based on the Myers Briggs methodology, a well-established personality profiling technique used by many organisations!

If you’d like to know more about how this profiling can help you decide what type of career could suit your strengths, then book a ‘Careers Conversation’ with one of our Business School careers consultants or drop us an email!

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