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Top tips: Creating a LinkedIn Profile

With an online presence becoming increasingly important, check out our 5 top tips to creating a meaningful LinkedIn Profile!

  1. Ensure that your profile picture shows a positive personal brand that presents you as a professional. Resist the urge to reuse a photo from Facebook or Instagram and remember that potential employers will be looking!
  2. Write a headline that sums up your skills and experience in a couple of sentences. This will help people to understand your background at a glance.
  3. Build 30 meaningful contacts to enhance your visibility. Try sending tailored connection requests to alumni and academics to build your profile.
  4. If you’re looking to break into a specific industry, try following industry-leading organisations to help build your knowledge and understanding through their content.
  5. Research a variety of career paths by using the “Find Alumni” tool. This will help to identify over 80,000 former students who have studied at Newcastle.

If you’d like to know more about what you can do to improve your LinkedIn profile, then check out the Careers Service website. It can be a very powerful tool when entering the job market!


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