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Still looking for a placement? Deadlines and what to be aware of

As a Business School students, your placement will be managed by your Student Experience Team. If you are still looking, you have until 28 May 2021 to inform us of overseas placements (including home country work placements if outside the UK), and until 30 July 2021 to inform us of UK placements. The sooner you can tell us the better, as we can get our approval process underway.


Let us know

The first thing you’ll need to do once you have secured a job offer is to let us know. For this, you just need to send a quick email to We will then send you a link to an online form, to gather some more information about the company and the role you will be doing. Until you submit this form you will not be considered to have informed the university. The reason we ask you to let us know is so that we can approve the placement as part of your degree, ensuring that you can then graduate with a recognition of the year on your degree transcript (e.g. BSc Accounting and Finance with Placement).



Our approval can take some time as we review the information you provide us, and then we liaise with your employer to ensure the placement is safe and suitable. For this, we are checking that they have suitable health and safety procedures, that they have the right insurance cover for you as an employee, and since last Spring we are checking their Covid-19 response. There may be a period of time where you don’t hear from us as we work on this in the background, but if we have any concerns about the placement we’ll let you know as soon as we can. If you don’t hear from us quickly you don’t need to worry.



Before going on placement we will arrange a pre-departure briefing in the final term of the year. This will look at things like updating Student Finance to let them know that you are doing an extra year of your degree, tips for finding accommodation if you are relocating, and advice for preparing for the world of work. We’ll also provide you with a handbook and more information on the Mobility Module you will complete during the year.  We will also run three getting placement ready sessions in early June after the exams have finished and will share more information about these as your placements are approved.

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