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START UP: What’s Coming Up This Month

START UP works with and supports both students and graduates starting or growing a business, social enterprise, or freelance career. One of the many aspects of support that START UP provides is workshops which are intended to develop your knowledge, build your confidence, and increase your chance of success with any business opportunity.

START UP have four regularly run workshops (delivered both online and in-person) which are:

START UP Idea Generation

Learn what makes a good business idea and how to come up with one in this interactive workshop for innovation, creativity, and enterprise.

START UP Portfolio Careers

Explore what it means to split your time, skills and income between self-employment and employment.

START UP Essentials

Learn to test a business opportunity to find out if it’s worth pursuing or if you’ll need to adapt to reduce your risk of failure.

START UP Pitching

Learn to present your business idea with clarity and confidence in this friendly, relaxed environment with like-minded people.

Along with these, there is an additional short session What is START UP to let you know about the opportunities available to you.

To find out more about START UP, click here.

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