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Skills Development Sessions and Workshops: Semester Two

Develop your skills, boost your opportunities

Do you want to improve your skillset and enhance your experience?

Do you want your CV to stand out?

Do you want to open more doors for your future career?

As a Business School student, you have the exclusive opportunity to participate in specific skills development sessions across the academic year.

You will hear from experienced clients, mentors and peers, whose sessions will help you to:

  • develop skills that employers look for most during the hiring process
  • expand your horizons by adding to your skillset
  • plan your future journey and the direction you want to take your career
  • understand the way skills overlap across different sectors
  • consistently upskill and give you the tools to stand out from the crowd

Learning new skills and knowing what employers are looking for will give you the best chance when it’s time to enter the job market and follow your chosen career path.

Our Employability Team works closely with those who deliver the skills development sessions, to ensure you receive the highest calibre and most up to date training, based on what employers are looking for now and in the future.

Keep an eye out for the planned skills sessions and sign up.

All skills development sessions attended will count towards earning the Global Employability and Cultural Awareness Badge, this academic year.

Check out the sessions confirmed for after the Easter Break:

*Timings for these extra-curricular sessions have been planned at suitable times to minimise cross over with taught lectures. Some workshops have several sessions in a series and all of these sessions must be attended to successfully complete the course.*