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Researching Employers

Begin to understand your interests and understand how you can fit into an organisation by researching employers.

What if you’re still not sure on your direction?

That’s okay! There’s an awful lot of uncertainty in the market at the moment due to the impact of the pandemic and Brexit, which can make taking decisions a challenge. Check out the Making Career Choices to help establish your interests and priorities.

How do I know if I’ll fit in?

Establishing the key competencies and skills you’ll need in a particular role can help you to plan your next steps and the Explore Occupations section of the Careers website breaks this information down into bit-sized-chunks.

Understanding Organisations

Being informed on the operational and strategic direction of your target companies is a great way to build credibility with Hiring Managers. Along with the typical routes of reading up on websites and developments in the news, check out Researching Employers for further ways to build your knowledge.

Ready to crack-on!?

If you find yourself at the stage where you’re ready to engage with the market, get familiar with where to find the right level of graduate roles across a range of sectors both here in the UK and overseas by adding the Finding Jobs section to your Favourites.

Gaining experience while you study

Adding value to your CV and building your experience whilst you study can be a challenge, however, there are Virtual Opportunities out there, including internships, events, courses and competitions.

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