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Relocation for a job – what to consider?

If you’re keen to work in a specific location, this is a good way to help narrow down your job search. There are a few things that you should think about before relocating as it’s a little different than relocating for University, which many of you may have done.


Should you relocate?

One of the most popular destinations for relocation in the UK is London, but life in the capital is not for everyone. Think carefully about the sector you’d like to work in and whether it’s necessary to relocate. There are many other ‘graduate hotspots’ that you can consider such as Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester. Find out about Careers in different areas across the UK here.


What should I consider before relocating?

Firstly, think about the affordability of the area you’d like to move to, will your salary cover your cost of living and commute? Is the commute to work short or will it take you two hours to travel from your accommodation? Does the area suit your interests and lifestyle? How far away from home will you be and are you ok with this distance?

Your employer size could affect the way you relocate. Many larger organisations have many graduates relocating at the same time, and they can put you in touch with people in a similar situation, so you’ll have the opportunity to make new friends from the get-go. However, in smaller organisations, you’ll have to make new friends and find accommodation by yourself.

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