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My Employability Experience at Newcastle University

When you first join university, you may think that you’ll never in a million years have enough time to dedicate to part-time work and to enhance your skills and capabilities. Well, let me tell you, you definitely can!

Effective time management

It’s true, university sometimes can be overwhelming, especially during exam time. However, if you manage your time effectively throughout the year, you’ll not only be able to integrate part-time work, but also participate in various employability activities offered by the University. So, what am I talking about? Well, firstly, you need to know that every November, the Business School hosts a Careers Conference, where representatives from companies throughout the country present to students. Additionally, Newcastle University alumni currently working within those organisations, share some valuable tips to succeed when applying for such roles and what it actually feels like to be working in a real-life job.

Make use of the Employability Hub

Did you know that Newcastle University Business School has its very own employability hub? It’s such a gem! You can easily book a 1-1 with a career advisor, who will help you enhance your CV, undertake a mock interview, and prepare you for assessment centres, which are often a requirement when applying for graduate roles.

Building your LinkedIn profile

Additionally, there will be a stage during your time at university where you’ll gain interest in making new connections within and outside of the University. However, how would you do that? The obvious answer is probably LinkedIn. Nevertheless, you may ask yourself, how do you set up an account, and what do you include? Well, even in this case, the University has got you covered. I still remember my session in first year, where a member of the career service presented a really useful seminar. During the seminar, he outlined the essential information we needed to set up our account, including past working experiences, summary and even where to get a professional photo taken, which I found really useful.

Finding a job

A LinkedIn profile may be useful to you if you’re interested in applying for any of the part-time jobs offered by the University. Yet again, you’ll be thinking: “But I don’t have enough time for all of this!”. Trust me, especially in your first two years of university, you’ll have plenty of time to dedicate to working. Why? Well, mainly because they’re really flexible, following the opportunity given to you to choose when and when not to work. The Business Ambassador role is one of them, where not only you can arrange your working schedule to fit with your timetable, but also, you’ll have the opportunity to enhance your networks with guests, current students and, believe it or not, with lecturers as well!

Moreover, you can also apply to be part of a pool of jobs called “Jobs on Campus”, where the careers team regularly announces a great variety of working opportunities, from six-month internships to daily shifts at King’s Gate.

Whilst your studies always come first, don’t forget that there’s an entire world out there for you to explore. So, what are you waiting for? Go and apply!

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