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Motivait Consultancy Session

Ahead of the Business School’s Gain a Global Advantage all-day student conference, Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship MSc students were joined by Motivait who offered some inspiration for their ongoing consultancy work in their Innovation Consultancy Project module.

Motivait is an exciting and innovative European consulting company with offices in Newcastle, Surrey and Madrid. Their business designs highly user-centric digital solutions which includes consultancy, creative design, gamification, communication and technology.

Representing Motivait at the session was Engagement Consultant, Carl Eacott; UK Marketing and Client Services Manager, Lara Jones; Director (Solution Management), Juan Manuel Hermoso; and Client Services Consultant, Tracey Wardle.

Motivait opened the session by explaining what their business is and how their employees work together to ensure the solutions they create for clients are always fully managed services.

“All of our employees are from different backgrounds and specialities, which is useful when creating solutions for clients as everyone is looking from a different angle and perspective, so we are able to come together and create one big solution.”

“Our solutions are not just creating a new piece of software for example and that’s it, we like to offer a fully managed service with the client to check they are happy and utilising that new piece of software correctly and in the best way that fits their needs.”

Following this introduction, Motivait then went on to talk students through a recent successful launch with client Zebra Technology.

In this project, Zebra Technology had asked Motivait to create a new technology solution/game to make their induction process for new staff more engaging and less tedious.

Motivait then guided students through a step by step process of how they approached this project that has been under construction for 2 years.

Motivait stated the following steps they took during the consulting process with Zebra Technology:

  • Discovery and Analysis – Identifying client needs/desires before creating specifications and concepts.
  • Specifications – Combine client needs and specifications to begin thinking of possible concepts.
  • Design Concept – Design concepts created while liaising with client that they’re happy with the ideas and progression.
  • Develop and Customise – Gain feedback from client on concept and make any amendments/improvements necessary to customise the project to match the company.

Once Motivat had discussed these steps and taken questions relating to these from students, they moved on to the challenges they faced during this process, which students could also encounter while consulting with external companies for their project:

  • Ambitious deadlines – Client expecting work to be completed quicker than is possible.
  • Expectations – Managing the expectations of the client who may be unsure on the limitations of the technology for example.
  • Team Management – Deciding who in the team does what tasks to get the best from each employee.
  • Client management – Struggles with communication, tight schedules and deadlines sometimes can make communicating and meetings difficult to organise and conduct.
  • Access V Protection (GDPR) – What is and what isn’t possible when gaining data from an external company, Motivait stressed that GDPR must be considered.

Students were particularly interested in this part of the session, and found it very useful, as they could apply this to their own work.

Following this part of the talk, Motivait continued with their useful tips for students in the closing stages of the session:

  • Offer sneak previews to the client of the work you’re doing to maintain engagement and interest in what is to come when the project is finally complete.
  • Don’t force software/technology on companies/employees – You may be familiar with it but other people may not and may not be as interested in learning new processes.
  • Always try to problem solve in order to create new processes and concepts for clients!

Motivait then closed the session with a final quote “Practice plus feedback makes perfect” which was a very appropriate and relevant quote that tied in very well with the session they delivered.

Overall, this was an extremely useful and interesting session for our ICE students who can now take all of the knowledge, experience and advice offered by Motivait and apply it to their own consultancy projects.  Having seen first-hand how a consultancy company operates, and learning about dealing with different client projects and clients, our students are now well equipped to take on their own consultancy projects.

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