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Improving Employability Skills on Campus

Whether you are a first-year student or a final year student, the need to enhance your employability skills, gain new experiences, and improve your CV is a common requirement. There is pressure among students to find ways to gain new employability skills and build their portfolio. Therefore, here are some ways through which you can improve your employability skills on and around campus.

The Employability Hub

The newly opened Employability Hub in the Business School Foyer can keep you updated regarding any opportunities that are running around campus. This includes competitions like the Coca Cola challenge and opportunities like the Peer Mentor scheme, masterclasses, and networking opportunities. Along with informing you about opportunities around campus, there are plenty of materials regarding graduate employers to help you get a head start and familiarise yourself with employers’ requirements.


Volunteering is always a good way to learn new skills and showcase new experiences on your CV. Usually less time consuming than internships, you can volunteer for a cause you support or simply a field you enjoy. Newcastle has a lot of volunteering opportunities, starting with Student Advice Centre, Nightline, INTO. You can just pick what is best suited around your university schedule. If you are interested in social volunteering, you can join Go Volunteer. There are various long-term projects and one-off opportunities that you may find interesting on their website. So make sure you check them out.

Joining a Society

Newcastle University Students Union offers over a hundred societies for you to join. You can actively learn new things in societies focused on your field like ENACTUS society, Business society or Finance Society. Alternatively, there are social welfare communities like RAG, N.E.S.T, It Happens Here. Being a member of these societies means you can gradually rise to the roles of committee members which is very impressive on a CV. It allows employers to understand your potential for career progression and ability to take responsibility. And if you have a new idea, you can even start your own society.

Jobs around campus

Along with internships, there are various job opportunities around campus. The best part about these jobs is that they are part-time and flexible, taking students’ busy schedules into account. These jobs include JobSoc, Business Ambassadors, Call Agents and being a Unibuddy among various others that are offered throughout the year.

There are some unpaid opportunities too like being a Course Rep, NCL+ Award, NCL Advanced awards, which don’t pay but provides very important certificates and experiences.

Career Service

While having practical experience is important, it is vital to have theoretical knowledge about acquiring your future employment. You can go to the Careers Service Website where they have detailed information on how to write your CV, how to prepare for an interview or assessment centres, things to expect when asked career planning questions. You can also access information regarding what fields can you work in with your degree, career options and get help to start your own venture.


All in all, Newcastle University provides plenty of opportunities for its students to enhance their employability skills within the campus. Now its your turn to make use of them and differentiate yourself in the competitive job market.

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  1. Helpful and organised content as usual. Been looking at the career page of Newcastle from a long time and that has made me choose Newcastle among all other!

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