Creating together


Identifying and using your strengths

Considering your existing strengths and skills

Figuring out where your current strengths and skills lie can help you when thinking about the types of roles and organisations you may like to work in after your studies. Ensuring there’s a clear alignment between your skills and strengths and will help to enhance:

  • Increased work satisfaction 
  • Greater development 
  • Better performance 
  • Increased confidence  

One easy way to start and consider your strengths and skills is to think about your career and experiences to date and any projects or experiences you particularly enjoyed or excelled in. By making a record of these you can begin to understand what might be important to you both professionally and personally. 

You will notice here that it is important to not only recognise what you are good at, but also to identify what you are good at and energises you. So, for example, you may be good at analysing data but not get the same buzz from it, as you might from face to face contact with clients. Be sure to recognise these differences.

3 ways to identify your strengths

  1. What you are naturally good at?
  2. What inspires you, motivates you, energises you?
  3. When do you give your best performance?
You may also find it useful to work through a strengths-based quiz which can help you to identify what makes you tick, and even how this influences you as a partner!
The quiz itself is based on the Myers Briggs methodology which is an established personality profiling technique used in many organisations.

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