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How to make the most out of an Open Day

When it comes to open days, they can be a very exciting experience but also a nerve racking one. Whether online or present in person, open days are the long-awaited opportunity to finally get some insight into the university and degree program of your liking, you should make the most out of them!


Make sure you’re prepared

I still can remember my first open day for Newcastle University: an eighteen-year-old lad from Italy who found himself in the North East of England for the first time. As you can imagine that was very daunting. But at the same time, I was filled with curiosity, with loads of questions to ask! Therefore, relax, enjoy it, but most importantly be organised! Firstly, a couple of days before the start of the event go on the University’s website and check out the activities that have been organised for the event itself, so you know what to expect and be sure to register in advance in order to avoid any delays or issues upon arrival. Once you get there, one of the first activities you will most likely be undertaking is an in-depth overview of the degree programme by the module leader. This is a very important moment, as all the ins and outs of the programme will be outlined, like modules, assignment strategies and teaching methods. This is your opportunity to check whether this course is the best fit for you and meets up to your expectations! Therefore, pay attention, listen carefully and obviously, be sure to ask any questions to the module leader if any doubts arise during the presentation.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Later on, once the initial presentation has finished, you will most likely be meeting with university ambassadors and/or current students of the degree programme that most interests you. From my experience, this is one of the most important moments of the entire open day, as you have the opportunity to get some great insight from fellow students, who may view the course from a different perspective in comparison to lecturers and members of staff. Therefore, don’t be shy and ask them anything that comes to mind! As a business ambassador myself, I know what it means to talk to prospective students and answer their queries and at times they can be very insecure about asking certain questions as they might be viewed as “obvious”, but trust me, there’s no such thing as a stupid question! Be sure to ask them how they enjoyed the course, how they found the assignments and if it will be your first time in Newcastle, ask them about student life in the city! I’m sure they will have plenty of good experiences to talk about.


Find out about the additional support

Finally, at the end of the activities, all members of staff from the Business School will be available to answer any additional questions. In particular, there will be staff from the Careers team, who will be able to provide you with information about the services they offer. Did you know that the Business School’s career service is award winning? Over the years they’ve been able to help me with so many issues, such as doing a “mock interview” or just simply helping me setting up my LinkedIn account. So, what are you waiting for? Ask them whatever’s on your mind!


Overall, open days can be very overwhelming, however they are a great opportunity to clarify any uncertainties you may have about the course and overall it’s a great time!

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