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How to differentiate yourself during the recruitment process

“How do I differentiate myself during the recruitment process?”

We are often asked this question, and having good background knowledge is certainly a main factor, but where should you focus your energies?

When applying for roles at any level, aim to develop your understanding of the following. This will also enable you to make more informed decisions and find the right ‘fit’ for you:

  • The current landscape of specific industry sector – Identify the latest trends, challenges, opportunities and future drivers.
  • Employers – Understand their products/ services, target markets, competitors, market position and their company value & culture.
  • Job titles – Study the job description thoroughly to fully understand the specific skills and attributes employers are looking for. In addition, look to network with those already in the role to better understand the requirements of the role.

Useful Resources:

  • Making Career Choices – A useful place to start if you’re still unsure what your future career looks like.
  • Explore Occupations – Break sectors down into bite-sized chunks to learn more about relevant job titles, typical roles and responsibilities, where to gain relevant work experience and a whole range of useful links to industry-specific platforms.
  • Researching Employers – For future guidance and resources for deciding who to apply to, how best to tailor your application and developing your knowledge to impress recruiters.
  • Finding Jobs – Once you’re ready to engage with the market, these pages will help you identify roles, whether it be for part-time roles, internships, placements or graduate roles. Definitely one to add to your favourites!
  • Virtual Opportunities – If you are looking to add value to your CV whilst studying, and are unsure where to look during the pandemic, check out these pages for a whole range of opportunities including internships, events and courses.

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