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My Greggs Marketing Challenge 2017 experience

The Greggs Marketing Challenge, which was hosted by Sunderland University this year, saw teams from Newcastle University, Sunderland University, Teeside University and Northumbria University competing and presenting their recommendations and ideas about how Greggs could attract the young adults market to their brand. The judging panel consisted of:

  • Malcolm Copland, Commercial Director of Greggs,
  • Graeme Nash, Head of Customer and Marketing at Greggs,
  • Gordon Bethall, Chairman of London and Leeds CreativeRace, and
  • Jenna Toffany, Founder and Strategy Director of Let’s Talk Strategy.

The winners of the competition were a team from Northumbria University, but it should be noted that the competition was really close because all of the teams did such a great job.

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Participating in the Greggs Marketing Challenge: Fresh Insights 2017 was a very enriching experience. I am glad that I took part in this competition and had the chance to work with a wonderful group of people from different countries and backgrounds. From competing against our classmates to competing against teams from the three other universities, it was definitely a challenge but the opportunity of presenting our work and ideas in front of the Greggs executives was a great experience and also good practice for myself to have in the future.

The task of coming up with recommendations to present to Greggs about how to engage with the young adults without alienating their existing customers base was laborious especially when we also had to meet all the requirements set out in the competition brief, but in the end, when we received such good feedback from our lecturers as well as the Greggs Executives, we knew that all of our hard work had paid off.

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All of my team members, Richard Freeman, Xudong Tang, Pengfei Luo and Yuhan Jin, will agree with me when I say that this activity has really helped us to develop the knowledge and skills that we have acquired while on our International Marketing MSc programme.

Again, I speak for all my team members when I say that we thoroughly enjoyed the journey of working with Greggs, one of the most recognised brands in the United Kingdom. We gave our absolute best in this competition and we are so proud that we came this far in the process. It was a real honour for us to represent Newcastle University.


by Maria Medina Gutierrez

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  1. I was in the audience, and even as a Teesside University student, I thought your group had the win esaily. Colour me surprised!

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