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An Overview

What are graduate hiring programmes?
Larger organisations in industry sectors including Banking, Accountancy, Finance, Consulting, Technology, Pharmaceuticals and Retail, use structured graduate programmes as a way of managing and retaining new talent within their businesses.  Graduates on structured programmes can usually expect to spend 12-18 months working on a rotational basis before moving to a more permanent position. 

When does hiring take place?
Hiring begins in September, with applications remaining open until January 2021.  After that the recruitment process will usually take place over several stages including, online assessments, telephone and video interviews before offers are made usually around April time with a start date of September 2021. 

Where can I find further information?
Organisations with graduate hiring programmes will usually advertise via the university, so log into MyCareer to find out more information. TargetJobs and Prospects are also great resources for searching for programmes 

How can I make my application successful?
Be sure to allocate time to tailoring your application for each programme.  The competition for places is steep and you’ll need to make sure that your skills, experience and understanding of the sector and company allow you to shine. 

What next? 

  • Research the programmes that are of interest to you and make a note of any application deadlines 
  • Attend online events to be clear on your options and to understand more
  • Tailor your CV and application by thoroughly exploring what the organisation is looking for in terms of skills, behaviours and competencies 
  • Book in for a 1 to 1 Careers Conversation to get your application checked 

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